Brief Description

The Project for strengthening institutional framework for service delivery focuses on four outputs.

The first output is supporting the strengthening of legal, policy and administrative frameworks for LG service delivery planning and management. This will include:

  • review of LG administrative set-up and structures and service delivery mandates;
  • identifying inconsistencies in the legal and policy framework that affect planning, financing and administration of services in local governments and drafting of bills/amendments to address the inconsistencies;
  • developing and supporting the implementation of LG planning and budgeting guidelines that are aligned to the NDP framework and that address crosscutting issues (HIV/AIDS, gender, environment and climate change management) and involve all stakeholders (CSOs and private sector);
  • identifying inconsistencies and best practices and develop principles to guide service delivery and programme management approaches including those of CSOs in local governments; and developing a decentralised HIV/AIDS response strategic plan.

The second output of the project is enhancing national and LG capacity for service delivery.This will include:

  • revising and disseminating the National Local Government Capacity Building Policy (NLGCBP) and supporting LGs to revise and implement capacity building plans based on the revised NLGCBP;
  • assessing and building the capacity of MoLG and NPA;
  • assessing and building the capacity of the decentralised HIV/AIDS response self-coordinating entity.

The third output is developing and implementing public private partnership framework for enhancing service delivery in LGs.

This will include: development, printing, disseminating and supporting LGs to implement the PPP guidelines for LGs.

The fourth output is supporting the institutionalization of Gender Equitable LED Governance and LED actions at national and local level, including post conflict LGs. Specific support by UNDP covers

  • institutionalization of systems for periodical local economy and business assessments
  • strategic BDS provision, like locally rooted Market Information Systems (MIS) and capacity development of national LED structures and the development of a national LED policy, strategy and framework.