National Development Plan (NDP) 2010/11-2014/15 is the first series of six 5-year plans to guide and operationalize the National Vision 2040 and as required in the NDP-I implementation framework, an independent mid-term review (MTR) was carried out in March 2013. The NDP review is aimed at assessing progress on NDP implementation, highlighting challenges encountered during implementation and making recommendations for corrective implementation measures over the remaining period and informing preparation of the next NDP (2015/16 – 2019/20).

The mid-term review (MTR) was carried out within a framework of six thematic areas that included:

  1. Policy and strategic direction
  2. Economic Management
  3. Results Framework
  4. Political Economy
  5. Institutional Framework
  6. Development Partnership

Follow the links below to download the Mid Term Review findings/reports

NDPI MTR Policy and Strategic Direction Report

NDPI MTR Economic Management Report

NDPI MTR Results Framework Report

NDPI MTR Political Economy Report

NDPI MTR Institutional Framework Report

NDPI MTR Development Partnerships Report

NDPI MTR Synthesis Report