Issuance of the Certificate of Compliance

By 2016-08-15News and Updates

A cross-section of members of the NPA Expanded Board discussing the Certificate of Compliance during meeting at NPA

On 22nd March 2016, the Authority presented the FY2015/16 Certificate of Compliance to the NPA Expanded Board, during a meeting that was presided over by Hon. David Bahati, Minister of State for Finance, Planning & Economic Development (Planning).

The Public Finance and Management Act 2015, Section 13 (7), requires NPA to issue a Certificate of Compliance for the Annual Budget of the previous financial year. It is aimed at harmonising and entrenching strategic planning and budgeting towards the stated National Development Plan (NDP) goals and annual budget strategies and objectives. Therefore, this requirement guarantees that planning and budgeting frameworks are aligned to achieve the overall national strategic goals as agreed in the Uganda Vision 2040 and NDPII.

As part of the assessment process, a comprehensive assessment framework was developed in consultation with other relevant stakeholders and used by NPA to guide and standardize assessment, in terms of, the consistency and compliance between the Annual Budget with the NDP, the Charter of Fiscal Responsibility and the National Budget Framework Paper. The assessment covered all sectors.

Hon. Bahati observed that, “One of the biggest challenges faced by our country is poor implementation which ultimately affects service delivery as witnessed during the implementation of NDPI. The Certificate of Compliance is one of government’s deliberate strategies to enhance service delivery hence we shall implement this new initiative to the letter. Relatedly, this initiative will help us break the bad habit of mismatch between the five pillars of public policy formulation and execution namely; planning, budgeting, implementation, expenditure and accountability”.

The Certificate was submitted to Parliament for consideration and for purposes of informing the ongoing budgeting process for FY2016/17, as required by law.

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